(Siterip) Spiral Brain

Artist/Circle: Spiral Brain
Language: English
Format: Images
Size: 1.39 GB

(Hentai) Mortal Kombat Collection

Mortal Kombat Collection

Artist/Circle: Various
Language: English
Format: JPG
Size: 285,3MB
Additional Tags: guro

(RPG) Athena Investigator of Disguise

Athena Investigator of Disguise
Artist/Circle: Almonds & Milk
Language: Japanese
Format: EXE
Size: 350MB


(Game) Deep Space Waifu: Flat Justice

Artist/Circle: Neko Climax Studios
Language: English
Format: Exe
Size: 254.1 MB

(VN) Negligee

Artist/Circle: Dharker Studio / MangaGamer
Language: English
Format: Exe
Size: 418.1 MB

(VN) School Idol QT Cool

Artist/Circle: MangaGamer
Language: English/japanese
Format: Exe
Size: 771.3 MB

(Game) The Devil Killer in Harbor Village (English)

(Game) The Devil Killer in Harbor Village (English)

To deal with devils appeared in Harbor Village.
Seris was sent to this small place.
The devils are somewhere in this village.
You need to find them out and get rid of them.
But villagers are eager to have sex, so they spare no effort to take advantages of you.
Your H points grows after having sex in this village.
Don’t let it be more than 100.
Be careful of both your enemies and NPCs.
Full Complete Game !!!
This is the ENGLISH version translated by the circle.
Release: Dec/26/2017
Company: Migome Seris
Language: English
Size: 411,0MB

(Game) Magical Girl Yuni Defeat! (English)

(Game) Magical Girl Yuni Defeat! (English)

A Mouse Controlled Fighting Action Game.
Control Magical Girl Yuni and fight against the Incubus who threaten humanity.
When Yuni receives erotic attacks from the enemy, her magical powers
will be depleted and her magic costume will gradually turn lewder and lewder…
Whether she will b Victorious, or Defeated, is entirely up to the player.
Our heroine, Yuni Shirakawa was an ordinary first year student.
That was until, she one day ended up with the powers of magic.
Now able to transform into magical girl Yuni she will stand up
and fight against the forces of evil to protect the peace of humanity!

The setting is her academy, after it has been invaded by incubus!
All the female students have lost rationality, slaves to pleasure and lust.
Yuni must defeat the incubus boss if she is to save her classmates but…
Can she really defeat such a tough opponent…?

Release: Oct 6 2017​
Company: C-Laboratory
Language: English / Japanese
Size: 211,0MB

(Game) Cinderella Escape! R18 (English)

(Game) Cinderella Escape! R18 (English, Uncensored)

Once upon a time, there was an unlucky girl named Cinderella.
She’s beautiful and kind.
However, her stepmother didn’t like her one little bit and treated her as a slave.
One day a letter of invitation was arrived.
Telling that a ball was to be held at the palace and the Prince would choose a girl to become his wife.
She made every effort to get rid of all troubles to go to the ball.
Unfortunately, it happened that she saw the King was murdered by the Prince.
The Prince claimed that Cinderella killed the King and try to framed her up.
Finally, Cinderella was arrested and locked in the dungeon…
Cinderella needs your help!
Can she escape from the dungeon?
Company: Hajime Doujin Circle
Language: English
Size: 476,3MB
Sequel: Cinderella Escape 2 Revenge (English)

(Game) Erotic Trap Dungeon (English)

(Game) Erotic Trap Dungeon (English)

Release: Sept. 5th 2017
Company: I can not win the girl
Language: English
Size: 514,0MB

(VN) Yurinate! (English)

(VN) Yurinate! (English)

“Yuri + Urination = Yurinate!”
“Yurinate!“, a story revolving around a girl who seemingly has a fetish for urinating in front of others.
Peeing girls love!
A forbidden fruit, just for you!!

(Ah, she is smiling…… right in front of me……)
The same classroom, the same recess time.

There is a girl that I’ve gotten to know better.
Her name is Yuki Nekoyanagi.
She’s such a great person with lots of friends and chats to me with such enthusiasm.

When her focus is on me. That one moment.
That is the moment I wait for. That I crave for.
The reason I don’t visit the toilet before coming to school.

Her voice, her smile, her glance,
I feel a certain thrill from deep within.
It reverberates all the way to my bladder.

Feeling ‘her’ presence… In front of my classmates.
In front of ‘her’. I stop resisting the urge to pee…

(Nekoyanagi-san…… look at me…… while I am peeing……)

Release: Jan/14/2017
Company: Natukon
Language: English (Bunker Translations)
Size: 375,0MB
Addiontal Tags: Student, Classmate, Drama/Daily Living

(VN) Elisa: The Innkeeper + Elisa: The Innkeeper – A New Customer Arrives! (English)

(VN) Elisa: The Innkeeper + Elisa: The Innkeeper – A New Customer Arrives! Ver.1.3 (English, Uncensored)

Elisa: The Innkeeper
Inspired by the Italian culture and taking place in a western Fantasy setting, our visual novel introduces the story of Elisa, a beautiful owner of an inn, struggling with the amorous proposal of honorable Knights, high born Princes and rich Merchants. “If I married all those who said they want me, now I would have so many of those husbands. All men who stay at this inn immediately fall in love with me…” Elisa Our visual novel tells the story of Elisa, a beautiful owner of an inn, struggling with the amorous proposal of honorable Knights, high born Princes and rich Merchants. It will be the Player to decide Elisa’s fate and his/her choices may even influence her destiny for the better or the worse. The Player is -NOT- the protagonist of this story, however. His/Her judgment(s) affect every character and their actions, like a god that watches everything from above.​
Elisa: The Innkeeper – A New Customer Arrives!
A follow up to Elisa: the Innkeeper – you play a young noble visiting Elisa’s famous inn, and there are 5 beautiful employees (including Elisa) available for you to date.​
Release: 07/24/2017
Company: Neoclassic Games
Language: English
Size: 1,3GB

(Game) Deep Space Waifu – ACADEMY (English)

(Game) Deep Space Waifu – ACADEMY (English)

Our new college fraternity will put you in contact with some hot girls!
It’s up to you save those poor girls from the alien clothing threat!
Live the king bear’s good old days in college, on a quest to lost virginity and get the PERFECT WAIFU!
All while kicking alien butt… WHILE DATING! -…

Release: 19 Oct, 2017
Company: Neko Climax Studios
Language: English, Japanese
Version: ACADEMY DLC Version
Genre: Shooter
Size: 1,77GB

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