About genres

Age progression: A person rapidly becomes older.
Age regression: A person rapidly becomes younger.
Ahegao: An exaggerated facial expression indicating pleasure, usually includes rolled-up eyes, open mouth, and tongue sticking out. Often occurs during sexual climax..
All the way through: Something passes through a person’s body from the mouth to a rear orifice or vice versa. Very likely done by a large insertion or a tentacle.
Amputee:A person missing one or more limbs. May invoke the guro tag.
Anal:Heterosexual anal sex.
Anime:Any type of serialized or Game publication.
Apron:A garment often worn for protection while cooking. Usually worn with nothing else for erotic purposes.
Armpit licking:The act of licking someones armpit..
Armpit sex:The use of the armpit area to masturbate a penis.
Asphyxiation:The intentional restriction of oxygen to the brain, often for sexual arousal.
Assjob:Rubbing a penis between butt cheeks.
Autofellatio:Performing oral sex on oneself.
Autopaizuri:Performing paizuri on oneself.
bbm:Any fat guy.
bbw:Big beautiful women. Any fat women really.
Bdsm:Bondage and sadomasochism (usually just ropes).
Beastiality: Sex with Animals, Monster, Tentacle
Big areolae:Noticeably large area surrounding the nipples. Should be at least 1/3 of the breast’s surface area to qualify.
Bizarre: Rare deviations and fetishes (Hairy armpits, giant nipples, fist fucks, etc).
Blackmail:The act of forcing others into providing sexual favors through threat or disclosing information.
Body modification: Altering parts of the body in some artificial way, typically with technology.
Body swap: Switching bodies with another person.
Body writing: Various words or drawings made on the person’s body, usually include derogatory terms such as “slut” or “cum dumpster”.
Brain fuck: Sex involving the brain.
Breast Expansion: Any significant increase in the size of breasts. Very likely to invoke big boobs, big breasts.
Bukkake: Multiple ejaculations on a female.
Cervix penetration: The cervix/womb of a female is visibly penetrated. Very likely invoked in conjunction with the x-ray tag.
Chastity belt: A locking item of clothing designed to prevent sexual intercourse or masturbation. Often paired with bdsm.
Chikan: The act of fondling or touching another person in a sexual manner. Rarely consensual and often takes place on a train or a bus.
Cheating: Sex with someone else’s spouse or partner.
Creampie: Cum dripping out (Related: Nakadashi = Internal ejaculation).
Corruption: Corrupting someone’s mind forcefully, robbing them of their purity. Should not be confused with the mind break or mind control tags.
Crossdressing: Usually men in women’s clothing, but may also be the other way around. For the latter, it should only be tagged if there’s a clear intent to make the woman dress like a guy.
Cum swap: Exchanging already ejaculated semen between 2 or more people.
Cunnilingus: Orally stimulating the vagina to cause sexual arousal.
Defloration/Virgin: Loss of virginity (Female).
Dilf: Any older man who appears to be within the age range of 30-50. Does not need to be a father.
Dougi: The clothing typically worn for various martial arts classes and training. Usually a single color with a belt.
Double penetration: Vaginal/anal, double vaginal or double anal.
Drugs: Any drug substance used to encourage promiscuity or pleasure..
Drunk: Character is shown drinking prior or during sex. Should noticeably changing their mood and/or actions. Often resulting in red cheeks accompanied by hazy or drugged eyes and a more relaxed attitude towards sex.
Ecchi: Only erotic, no hard sex.
Eggs: The act of having eggs inside oneself and laying them.
Enema: Liquid injected into anus. May cause inflation.
Exhibitionism: Nudity or daring stunts with a risk of getting caught by strangers. Also blatant exposure to strangers.
Femdom: Female domination.
Filming: The act of someone’s sexual activities being video recorded..
Footjob: Feet fetish.
Full color: All pages are colored.
Furry: Sex with anthropomorphic animals.
Futanari: Women with dicks.
Futanari on male: A female with a penis penetrating a male, either anally or orally. This includes shemales.
Gag: Anything strapped onto someone’s mouth, partially or fully plugging it. Almost always involves bondage.
Gangbang: 4+ persons having fun, but only one girl.
Gaping: A vagina or anus that is visibly stretched after sex. Often caused by large insertions, fisting, big or huge penis.
Garter belt: A belt-like undergarment with clips used to hold up stockings.
Gender bender: A character’s body changes gender from their usual one. May invoke transformation if it is shown as a sequence and not a sudden change.
Giant insertions: Huge penises or vibrators.
Glory hole: A hole in a wall is used to engage in sexual activity.
Gokkun: Drinking / swallowing cum.
Group: More than two people engaged in sex simultaneously. notable synonyms gangbang, orgy, and threesome.
Guro: Gore, usually with erotic content (also eroguro).
Gyaru: Various fashions used to appear as un-Japanese as possible, including artificial tans, bleached hair, decorated nails, heavy makeup, and false eyelashes..
Gyaru-oh: Male verison of the gyaru tag.
Hairjob: Sex involving hair.
Harem: 1 person being courted by at least 3 others, all engaging in consensual sex simultaneously.
Hentai Anime: Movies, or any other type of animated content.
Huge breasts: Abnormally large breasts. Only for when the breasts seem unfathomably large, generally double the size of the person’s head should suffice.
Human pet: Treating a human as though they were a pet animal.
Humiliation: Non-consensually humiliating/degrading a person in a sexual manner in front of a non-participating audience.
Impregnation: The act of becoming pregnant. Should be obviously relevant to the story, not just whenever someone ejaculates inside a woman.
Incest: Family sex.
Inflation: The stomach area expands outward like a balloon. Often due to being filled with gasses, tentacles, eggs, or liquids.
Inseki: Sex involving in-law, step, or adopted family relatives.
Inverted nipples: Nipples that are retracted inside the breasts. Often brought out via stimulation or pulling.
Kimono: Traditional Japanese garment with large ribbons and varying patterns.
Kunoichi: Female ninja. Typically dark, fishnet clothing with some light armor.
Lactation: Breasts squirting milk on their own. Often paired with big breasts.
Leotard: Plastic clothing frequently used with gymnastics, bunny girls, and wrestling.
Lingerie: Skimpy or sexy undergarments that are worn to increase sex appeal. As opposed to regular undergarments. Also includes nightwear.
Lolicon: Young girls or simply young-looking women.
Masturbation: Self sexual stimulation.
Milf: Literally: ‘Mother I’d like to fuck’. Sexually attractive mature women.
Mind Control:Forcing someone to do stuff on their own, but against their own will.
Orgy/Group: 4+ persons having fun with multiple girls.
Scat: Scatology (usually golden showers or shitting).
Shotacon: Young boys or simply young-looking men.
Straight sex: Consensual happy heterosexual sex between human adults.
Paizuri: The act of thrusting a penis (or similar object) in between breasts. Does not depend on gender or species.
Rewrite: Someone has filled in their own text either in place of the original text or where there was no text.
Threesome: 3 persons having fun, usually MMF or MFF (Male/Female).
Uncensored: The usual Japanese censorship (bars or pixels) has been removed.
X-ray: Views of the body insides.
Yaoi: Homosexual male sex.
Yuri: Homosexual female sex (aka lesbian sex).