(Game) The Gunhazard 3 -Dual Target-

(Game) The Gunhazard 3 -Dual Target-


The protagonists enjoy SM play with air guns behind the scenes of their peaceful daily lives, but this time there is an unexpected intruder.
It is Yomi Sakurako, the mother of Yomi Kyoko, who has been the only M in the S and M roles.
She is a masochist, even more severe than Kyoko, and has come to join in the airgun play, despite her age.

Now there were only two targets for the air guns.
But it is not that simple.
The intervention of Sakurako, who is as greedy as a predator, leads to great upheaval.
The two archers are entrapped, and their relationship changes as a result.
Finally, the finale is a spectacular air gun play involving all the people around.

Release: Apr/04/2023
Company/Circle: Project Essence
Language: Japanese
Size: 254,0MB

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