(Game) Succubus Slave (English)

(Game) Succubus Slave (English)

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The main character wakes up in an unknown place.
In his dream, he was in a village controlled by the succubi.

The men in the village were treated as slaves by the succubus and forced to ejaculate endlessly.
The two choices given to the protagonist are to live forever as a sex slave in a dream or to resist at the cost of his life.

To return to the real world from the dream world, the protagonist is determined to ride alone to the castle where the succubi lives……

There are over 1,000 H scenes.

When an H scene starts, drawn text balloons, sound effects and voices are played continuously along with BGM.
Although the scenes are still images, they are designed to give the viewer a movie-like sensation.

Many of the H scenes are reverse rapes due to the setting of the work.
Threesomes, foursomes, and other situations are also included.

Release: May/16/2023
Company/Circle: Caramel Soft
Language: English, Chiinese, Korean
Size: 4,85GB

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