(Game) Tentacle Armor and the Mystic Tower v1.02

(Game) Tentacle Armor and the Mystic Tower v1.02


A tower suddenly appeared in the northern land.
At first glance, it was a mysterious structure.

But it could be a monster’s nest.
Or it might be an ark of invaders from another world.
For the sake of the people living there, we could not leave it as it was.
We had to break through, investigate, and assure them of the tower’s safety.

However, there was one reason why the investigation of the tower had not progressed.
In order to enter the tower, one must wear special armor provided by the tower itself…?

One day, a captured bandit named Salifa is brought in front of the tower.

Release: May/24/2024
Company/Circle: One Taiyaki tail
Language: Japanese
Size: 415,0MB

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