(Game) Reincarnation – Forest of Succubus

(Game) Reincarnation – Forest of Succubus


“Ohhhhhh, get off me!
This is a wrongful detention, I demand a lawyer!

The voice of an orc is heard in the deserted underground passageway.
It is my voice.

I’ll be quiet.
I mean, why is the orc speaking so fluently?

The girl holding me by the right side sighs and throws up.
She has blue eyes, dark blue semi-long hair, and her chest is wide open.
She is dressed in a seductive armor, and even through the armor
Her full breasts press against her, even through her armor, and the feeling is pleasant.

She is a human spy, isn’t she?
You’re a human spy, aren’t you?

The girl on the other side of the room, holding my left side, replies.
Red eyes, long dark blue hair tied back, slender and slender.
She is slender and wears thin clothes that you would think she was wearing underwear.

And most distinctive of all are their ears,
They are long and pointy, and yes, they are not human.

I’m not human!
I was reincarnated into another world, transformed by a goddess into the form of an orc, and before I knew it, I was already in that forest.
When I came to, I was already in that forest!

Release: Jun/05/2024
Company/Circle: Lonely Island
Language: Japanese
Size: 456,0MB

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