(Game) Netorare Sister Chika v1.02

(Game) Netorare Sister Chika v1.02


A place in modern Japan.
A brother and sister live peacefully and without inconvenience.
Kazuki Matsumoto and Chika Matsumoto.
Their mother died when they were very young,
Their father is a transferee and works in a place far away from here.
They live a normal, friendly life together.
Chika loves Kazuki, but she always has a hard time with him.
Chika wants to fix herself, but she is still living her daily life.
One day after school, Chika goes to pick up Kazuki to go home with him.
However, she sees Kazuki being called to the back of the school building by a girl in his class.
She sees Kazuki confessing his feelings to a girl.
Fortunately, Kazuki seems to have turned down the girl’s confession,
If he continues with his life as it is,
Kazunie will be taken by another girl!
Chika thinks, “If I keep living like this, Kazuki will be taken away by another girl!
At night, Chika confesses her feelings to Kazuki and presses him.
Kazuki is swept away and accepts her as it is.
He thinks that it is not good to go out with Chika without being influenced,
Kazuki tells Chika that he wants to wait a little longer before going out with her.
Kazuki is now firmly committed to Chika and his feelings for her,
Kazuki decides that he will decide his answer by Chika’s birthday.
Chika tells him that she will wait for him, but ……
He leaves her with a simmering attitude,
In the meantime, other men approach Chika.
Will Kazuki and Chika be able to get together safely?

Release: Mar/07/2024
Company/Circle: acerola
Language: Japanese
Size: 417,0MB

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