(Game) Youchuu no Ori

(Game) Youchuu no Ori

Release: 2011-11-11
Company: Dieselmine
Language: Japanese
Size: 789,3MB

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  1. Anonymous
    Jun 06, 2018 @ 19:05:22

    some files are missing

  2. Anonymous
    Jun 06, 2018 @ 19:06:56

    or at least it goes ?????.exe?????

  3. Dampfwalze
    Jun 06, 2018 @ 20:05:10

    how is the game? can’t tell much from the pics

  4. Anonymous
    Jun 08, 2018 @ 02:23:34

    It’s a standard VN. If like me, you can simply hold CTRL to skip the text, make a save at the choices, and then reload these until you unlock all the scenes. Of note is that many of the endings involve the girls being killed as well.

  5. zain
    Jun 08, 2018 @ 23:33:36

    not much of a game, you’re just given a bunch of dialogue and images to click through

  6. K
    Jun 11, 2018 @ 16:52:45

    I can’rt seem to play the game need help

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