(Game) Trape Battle Royal – Break Free of Feminine Seduction!

(Game) Trape Battle Royal – Break Free of Feminine Seduction!

An adventure RPG filled with reverse rape and no-reversal masochist action!
The training academy is holding it’s post-graduation boys vs girls battle royale,
and the protagonist will be up against both deadly traps and crushing female seduction!

– Featuring multiple endings, a corruption system, and lots of bad statuses!

Our story begins in the kingdom of Filhaim, a land shared by monsters and human alike.
Monster slayers are the most important and revered people in the kingdom.
Among those are the “Holy Knights”, elite slayers that are said to choose worthy successors once every hundred years.

Protagonist Louis a pure, hardworking boy who dreams of becoming a knight.
His childhood friend Erina loves him, but fears that one day his bravery will be the end of him when it comes to fighting monsters.

One day, after slipping out from church to play with Louis, an old arena catches Erina’s eye.
Yes, if she becomes stronger than Louis, she can protect him.
She begins her training in an art that has felled many a man…seduction.

Eventually, the pair end up in Sadistia, a training school for monster slayers.
They make it to graduation without issue, but now their biggest test awaits; the boys vs girls battle royale that follows…

Can Erina help Louis traverse the brutal battle so they can both graduate?
Will the two open up about their feelings for each other?

Release: Nov/28/2021
Company/Circle: Dry Dream
Language: Japanese
Size: 925,0MB

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