(Game) Dangerous Agents Maria & Elisa

(Game) Dangerous Agents Maria & Elisa

There was a certain pair of agents.
On secret orders from the government, the two of them intervene in the criminal organizations that spread at night.
They have proven, arrested, or even destroyed many criminal organizations.
A pair of female agents who are feared in the underworld.

Their alias is Futatsuki. Their names are Elisa Shinomiya and Maria Onuki.
Tonight, too, under the moon, they quietly infiltrate a certain organization’s facility.

However, a trap has already been set there.
The two people who live in the underworld are intricately entangled towards each other. A trap of malice and desire is laid at …….

Release: Nov/28/2021
Company/Circle: dark.ryona.x15
Language: Japanese
Size: 473,0MB

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