(Game) Slice of Venture: A New Start (English, Uncensored)

(Game) Slice of Venture: A New Start (English)

The second trip of Yuki and Ayame in their perverted family! A few weeks after Vitamin Plus, Yuki and Ayame are taken back to Seiichi’s farm by their own mother, Reiko. This time, they’re not going to unknown territory. They’ve accepted themselves, they’ve accepted their kinkiness and going back to Marakoma is something they’re happy about. However, things aren’t about them this time. They’re about their mother. Reiko weighs a lot of secrets and the sisters will have to discover most of them to help her being at peace with her past.

Company/Circle: Blue Axolotl
Language: English
Size: 164,0MB
Prequel: Vitamin Plus
Sequel: Slice of Venture 2

No Reuploads For Zippy/Mirror

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  1. Anonymous
    Oct 25, 2018 @ 23:07:32

    i keep getting the error:

    RGSS3 player has stopped working.

    i have RPG maker VX ACE and have japanese locale on, is there a fix to make the game work?

  2. Anonymous
    Nov 07, 2018 @ 07:19:14

    same thing and i have RPG maker VX

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