(Game) Sex With Otoko No Ko & Shemales! DX (English)

(Game) Sex With Otoko No Ko & Shemales! DX (English)

A search type RPG containing the pictures of the Artists “Otoko No Ko & Shemales” series, with all the characters, and some new ones too!
Cleared events can be viewed in the gallery any time.
Lewd pictures gathered on the map can also be viewed in the gallery.
Search every nook and cranny of the town to find money & items, then hit up a brothel for some otoko no ko & shemale sex!

Release: 2019-10-13
Company/Circle: GAISEIDOU
Translator: BreakingBasha
Language: (MTL with only minor manual translations)
Size: 282,0MB

No Reuploads For Zippy/Mirror

Mini Guide:
-Since there are far too many to count just click every NPC and Object for money, objects to sell, hidden pictures or Quizes (i suggest using mouse control to make it easier). If too hard save and use trial and error for quizes or google answers
-Buy tickets in brothel and redeem them there.
-Book appointments in the agency and go to the hotel and buy the according room key.
-Go to Bay area and buy ferry ticket to get to the Island. After doing it with the green haired shemale she is locked up in her room upstairs in the hotel. Get Key for office in the 2nd story of the mansion in the sex room and use it in the 2nd story of the shop and next to the fortuneteller. Get Pickaxe and destroy barrier of construction site. Go down Manhole. Answer quiz get card for room in beach house visit green haired shemale again.
-Visit Poison at the top of the Hotel
-EXTRA: get key for upstairs office of brothel in the dressing room of the Strip club. Click toilet in the bathroom behind to get the key for the Scat room in recollection room .
-Finally go to the last Room in the recollection room, save and talk to the person.

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