(Game) One Thousand Days on Lapas Islands v21.06.11

(Game) One Thousand Days on Lapas Islands v21.06.11

A game where you make a living by hunting wild animals and earning money.
Girls who do naughty things with men will get pregnant by chance and eventually give birth.


Q: Is reminiscence mode implemented?
A: Yes. You can see the unlocked scenes from the book beside the bed in the “Tenue Clinic Living Quarters”.

Q: I want to easily see erotic scenes!
A: You can enter the mix bath at “Naos Hot Springs” for 8G. You can enter with the money you start with, so please enjoy that first.

Q: What kind of erotic scenes are in this game?
A: Watching people doing naughty things, the protagonist doing naughty things with close female characters,
doing naughty things with female characters that defeat you,
watch allied female characters forced to do naughty things after being defeated, etc.

Q: When to characters to give birth?
A: It takes approximately 310 days within the game from conception to birth.
Their belly becomes bigger at around 150 days, so visit them around then.

Q: The enemies are too strong!
A: In places such as the inn, you can hire characters to go hunting with you.
Depending on the strength of your opponent, hire strong companions.

Q: What should I do about money?
A: You can gain money by selling items you gain by searching islands outside Naos Island and from defeating monsters.
Sell items at the Naos Central Trading Center.

Q: My items and money are stolen by enemies!
A: You can place items in the safe of the place you are staying. You can also deposit money into the Gount Max bank.

Release: Jun/11/2021
Company/Circle: Rikuzendo
Language: Japanese
Size: 596,1MB

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