(Game) Female Knight Rebecca where is her loyalty

(Game) Female Knight Rebecca where is her loyalty

Prince Farold, a prince of a small country, is studying abroad in a powerful empire.
However, in reality, he was only studying in the name of the empire and was actually a hostage.
Prince Farold’s father, the king, falls ill.
The king, wishing to inherit power, requests the return of Prince Farold to the empire, and it is granted.
The story begins with Prince Farold and his bodyguard, the female knight Rebecca, on their journey back to their homeland.
Rebecca is a female knight who swears allegiance to Prince Farold.
On her journey, men are after Rebecca’s dirty body! Will Rebecca be able to keep her loyalty?

Release: Nov/22/2021
Company/Circle: Heisendou
Language: Japanese
Size: 323,9MB

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