(Game) Meer’s Occupation (English)

(Game) Meer’s Occupation (English)

Meer, the Clifford family’s only child, is a everyday student at the Schwar Academy. She lives a simple, happy life with her childhood friend Tony, but their happiness gets interrupted, when a mysterious transfer student appears. Doug is the son of Randall Desley, the new owner and principal of Schwar Academy and he has his eyes set on Meer.
To make things worse, the Clifford business chain is on the verge of bankruptcy. Luckily the Desleys, a wealthy family that just moved in, are willing to lend the Cliffords a large sum of money until they can restore their business back to its former glory. Such kindness, sounds almost too good to be true…

Release: 2017.10.03
Company/Circle: Landcut
Language: English
Translator: SiegH
Size: 268,0MB

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