(Game) Lizzette, Maiden of Spring Pregnancy (English)

(Game) Lizzette, Maiden of Spring Pregnancy (English)

There is an isolated island, Wepal, that belongs to no nations…
The island is called Wepal of Nightmare for its ominous rumors.

Due to pirates’ attack, an aristocrat Elwin and his servant Lizzette
had to escape to the island Wepal. However, there was an accident
in the transport spell so that they were each sent to different points…

With the help of a sorcerer girl Adelitche, Lizzette looks for Elwin.
In doing so, she involuntarily steps foot in the dark side of the history…

Release: Dec/17/2018
Company/Circle: Kedama Qub
Version: 1.11
Language: English
Translator: MediocreTranslation
Size: 266,0MB

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    I hate that it oes through exe.io. I despise that site due to all the fake downloads they try to get you to accept before you schlog through it all to get to your links.

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    Use Brave browser.
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    Any Complete Savegames appriciated

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    requires password