(Game) Sally’s Authorative Report on Illegal Prostitution (English)

(Game) Sally’s Authorative Report on Illegal Prostitution (English)

Sally (name change-able) was the daughter of a once wealthy family.
Even though her younger brother was sick and required medical
treatment, her father was a no good scumbag that built up a hefty debt…

Then ran off leaving them to fend for themselves…

Sally ends up in the slums… ‘working’ hard to make ends meet and
provide her younger brother the medical treatment he desperately needs.

This is her story… her authoritative report on the dark side of society.

At the hospital, restaurant, adult shops, clubs, parks, bars, brothels…
Over 30 different men are waiting for an opportunity to…

Release: May/04/2017
Company: Peach Cat
Language: English
Size: 234,0MB

(Game) In My Town What Can’t Be Done In Time Is Done Between (English)

(Game) In My Town What Can’t Be Done In Time Is Done Between (English)

* Stop Time

Events around me unfold like any typical day.

Girls walking down the street, dressed up and going places.
Secretaries to work, students and teachers to school.

Turn on the TV and there’s a pretty weather girl.
Cute girls getting to be idols and doing some performance.
I bet they have a rotten personality amirite?

Someone getting married. Some mother-daughter combo shopping.
Some JK and her friends at practice or chatting…
Living up puberty? The so called spring of their life?
Look at them all, leading fulfilling lives. It makes me sick!

The old me would have seen these people and grumbled on and on…
But I had an epiphany. It’s so charming and heartwarming now.
Everyone’s happiness… is my happiness.

Right’o, off to shove my d*ck inside these happy girls.
Release: Feb/27/2017
Company: Miracle Heart
Language: English
Size: 116,0MB
Addtional Tags: Time Stop Animation

(Flash) Mega Cumshot (English)

(Flash) Mega Cumshot (English)

A girl named Takao was caught shoplifting at a bookstore.
The title of the book she had stolen? “Spermania JK Bukkake Special Issue”.
She doesn’t seem to be sorry about it at all, so what will her “punishment” be…?

Let go of your restraints in this fully animated game!
Semen animated more faithfully than you’ve ever seen before!
Release: Dec/16/2007
Company: School Love
Language: English
Size: 13,7MB
Additional Tags: Lots of White Cream/Juices, Sailor-Style Uniform

(Game) CRYSTAL FANTASY – Chapters of the Chosen Braves Ver.1.06 (English)

(Game) CRYSTAL FANTASY – Chapters of the Chosen Braves Ver.1.06 + Save (English)

The God of chaos and Goddess of harmony are locked in an endless battle.
Chaos created a fake world to break that balance.
In order to stop the plans of chaos, 12 brave fighter were gathered
Release: 29/Mar/2017
Company: Capture1
Language: English
Size: 1,20GB

(Game) The Devil Killer in Harbor Village (English)

(Game) The Devil Killer in Harbor Village (English)

To deal with devils appeared in Harbor Village.
Seris was sent to this small place.
The devils are somewhere in this village.
You need to find them out and get rid of them.
But villagers are eager to have sex, so they spare no effort to take advantages of you.
Your H points grows after having sex in this village.
Don’t let it be more than 100.
Be careful of both your enemies and NPCs.
Full Complete Game !!!
This is the ENGLISH version translated by the circle.
Release: Dec/26/2017
Company: Migome Seris
Language: English
Size: 411,0MB

(Game) Witch Island II (English)

(Game) Witch Island II (English)

Tired of fighting the adventurers, Lias left the island to find a new nest.
Another witch, Tiffuny, wants to take the opportunity to take the island.
But things won’t go easy.
Tiffuny have to take the magic spot 1 by 1 to take the whole island.
So she becomes the new owner of Witch Inn.

Release: Jan/09/2018
Company: Alibi+
Language: English
Size: 42,4MB

(Game) Succubus Nightmare 2 (English)

(Game) Succubus Nightmare 2 (English)

* Overview

The Animation RPG “Succubus Nightmare” is back with further enriched content!

In this dream world, you are set to get back to the real world. But you have
to run away from succubi trying to cumsqueeze you throughout your passage.

Release: Dec/29/2017
Artist/Circle: Animism
Language: English
Format: JPG
Size: 708,3MB

(Game) Succubus Rem (English)

(Game) Succubus Rem | Succubus Nemu’s Kissy Cummy Sexpedition Log Ver.1.0.1 (English)

This is the story of a Succubus who became the ‘Last Boss”—-.

The protagonist is an apprentice Succubus who has just been born.
She is taught by her elder sister what she must do to survive and thus
heads off on a journey in search of ‘life-force’ = SEX!

In town, in dungeons, humans and monsters… she will f*ck them all!
Under your guidance, can this apprentice succubus eventually become the ‘Last Boss’…?
Release: Sep/15/2017
Company: Triangel!
Language: English
Size: 278,4MB

(Game) NTRPG 1 & 2 (English)

NTRPG – Netorareta Tiris, the Sex Objectified Childhood Friend
The girl you love is embraced by another guy, and all you can do is watch.

The protagonist does not speak, similar to DQ games. No battles.
Time passes in the game Monday thru Sunday, with day, noon, dusk and night progressions.
At certain times, certain conversations at certain places will yield special events.​
NTRPG 2 – Obedient Filia and the Unforgivers
The new game where all you do is watch strangers treat your beloved girl like their personal f*ck object.

Time passes from Mondya to Sunday/morning, noon and, dusk and night with events based at certain times.
Find out who’s defiling your beloved girl by searching around the right place and time.​
Release: Apr/13/2014 | Aug/11/2014
Language: English
Size: 109,6MB

(Game) Sexy Beach 3 Platinum (English)

(Game) Sexy Beach 3 (English)

You start on a island with a hotel. There are five girls outside who you are able to date and ultimately you are able to have sex with them.
Release: September 29, 2006
Company: Illusion
Language: English
Size: 2,0GB

(Game) Trigger Happy 2 -DarkStriker- (English)

(Game) Nekomimi Nyanderful ~The Nyanventure of a Cool Maid~ (English)

When she was young, Sakura was orphaned by her mother.
Raised by her grandfather, she repaid his kindness and earned her keep
as a maid, happy and wanting for no lack…
… but she wondered about the reason for her abandonment.

In time, a traveling merchant told Sakura about the Meerpeople,
a race of feline humans whom she resembled. Inspired to find her mother,
Sakura climbed aboard the merchant’s cart, and together they set off.

Release: May/01/2016
Company: Royal
Language: Japanese
Size: 12,3MB

(Game) Virus Z Ver.1.0.6 (English)

(Game) Virus Z Ver.1.0.6 (English)

Nina is going to visit the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) in order to save the vaccine for people with the virus.
Release: 20 / 4 / 17
Language: English
Size: 217,0MB

(Game) Virus-Z 2: Shinobi Girl (English)

(Game) Virus-Z 2: Shinobi Girl Ver.1.0.3 (English)

A few days have passed since the monsters appeared…
Many people fought… and perished…
In order to cure the virus, a Ninja has been given a special mission
Momo is her name and rescue of the professor is her objective!!

This is a side-scrolling action game which includes erotic scenes.
You can enjoy exciting action packed battles against a myriad of monsters.
There are heroine violation animations for every monster that appears in game.

Release: 20 / 4 / 17
Company: Smaverick
Language: English
Size: 154,0MB

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