(Game) Female samurai maple ver.0910

(Game) Female samurai maple

Release: 2017年09月08日
Company: Momo era drama
Language: Japanese
Size: 48,0MB

(Game) Queen of Succubus Ver.1.02

(Game) Queen of Succubus Ver.1.02

The daughter of the Demon Lord, a succubus named Lim must head
off on a journey to defeat the Hero upon command of the Demon Lord.
With no intention of fighting the hero she simply enjoys her journey instead!
Release: Aug/31/2017
Company: Shrine’s Gate
Language: Japanese
Size: 3,81GB

(Game) DQ SLG HAREM V Ver.0.04

(Game) DQ SLG HAREM V Ver.0.04

Release: Sep/16/2017
Company: A2-WiNG
Language: Japanese
Size: 306,0MB

(Game) Mischief and a wish tower

Mischief and a wish tower

Release: 2017年11月13日
Company: Sakura Tortoise
Language: Japanese
Size: 618,0MB

(Game) CENDRES ver.1.2

(Game) CENDRES ver.1.2

Release: 2017年09月18日
Company: arrowkey
Language: Japanese
Size: 71,3MB
A vampire(?) with amnesia , Celena, is on an adventure to regain her memories.
Lay waste to the imminently approaching waves of human and demon enemies!!


(Game) Tears To Tiara (English)

Tears To Tiara (English)

1,200 years after the Demon King Arawn was sealed, a priest of the “Holy Empire” conspired to free him, using the young oracle Riannon as a sacrifice. However, the appearance of Riannon’s brother Arthur, striving to save his sister, put his plan in peril. In the ensuing chaos, by a twist of fate, Arawn is unwittingly released by Riannon. So begins their tale…​
Release: 31/12/2008
Company: Leaf
Language: English
Voiced: Japanese
Size: 2,15GB

(Game) Taima Miko Yuugi Ver.1.14 (English)

Taima Miko Yuugi Ver.1.14 (English)

This is the tale of world where their exist monsters who are a threat to humanity
and the Shrine Maiden Exorcists that stand up courageously to fight against them!​
Release: Aug/29/2017
Company: Unko morimori maru
Language: English
Size: 457,0MB

(Game) Revenge of Swordsman Millia (English)

(Game) Revenge of Swordsman Millia (English)

About this game: Milia girl had been living in peace with my sister and two people in a small village.
The happiness of a rainy day, … lost forever by one man
After a few years, Millia became swordsman is aiming to revenge become adventurers in the south of the capital Torano but,
Be on the watch various men of the humiliation of the magic of hand.
Safely …… whether it is possible to achieve the objective.
Release: May 26, 2014
Company: Wireless Emblem
Language: English
Size: 89,1MB

(Game) Quest & Quest – Tour Princess Orelei + Eleyne the Mage

Quest & Quest – Tour Princess Orelei + Eleyne the Mage

Princess Orelei is the second sister of Dandelion Kingdom,
a small nation in the Turquoise Alliance who enjoys traveling
about the land meeting her people and providing practical help.
One day on her tour she enters a small village.

She’s willing to work hard for their happiness.
But what service do they need?

Release: Nov/09/2012 / Jul/24/2014
Company: Ashita ha docchida!?
Language: Japanese
Size: 141,0MB
Thanks to Jack7Reaper

(VN) KARAKARA 1 & 2 (English)

KARAKARA 1 & 2 (English)

“Let us live on this land so arid.” KARAKARA. It is the sound of aridity. It is the sound of dry asphalt and sandy winds. It is the sound of relentless sunshine, as well as the sound of a withering race. The “Age of Dusk.” It is a time of senescence for the human species, during which hybrids known as the “Others”—those who are human, yet not—exist in great numbers. On the windswept barrens of a land without moisture, a small gathering of people make their living in a world they no longer know. Down a stretch of highway and far from the heart of the town are two such people who run a small diner. To them, the circumstances that reshaped their world is of far less concern than the number of lunch boxes they can load into their delivery vehicle. After all, leaving customers hungry is not good for business, and business keeps them fed. Day after day, they occupy themselves with the endless work of their store. However, the comfortable monotony of their daily lives is turned on its head when they discover a large suitcase by the roadside on their way home from deliveries. Lying on the suitcase, unmoving, is a young girl with pink hair… Though parched, they keep each other company, and while hollow, they fill each others voids.
So shall they live on this land so arid.​

Release: 2016-06-15 / 2017-11-10
Company: calme
Language: English, Japanese
Voice: Japanese
Size: 1,09GB

(Game) Sword Princess Cistina (English)

Sword Princess Cistina – The Chosen Saint (English)

One thousand years ago, a murderous demon god called Loft opened
the gate between the demon realm and the human world and began a great genocide.
He was stopped by the holy hero, St. Orianne.
But now, one thousand years later, Loft has been liberated, and
the gate opens once more!!! ​
Release: Dec/17/2015
Company: Doujin Circle Gyu!
Language: English
Size: 568MB

(Request) (Game) Lust Grimm

(Game) Lust Grimm

Release: Nov/01/2017
Company: 62studio
Language: Japanese
Size: 112,0MB
When the protagonist woke up, he is in a strange space.
He soon found that busty succubi inhabit all around this world.
Will he able to get back to his original world, throughout pleasing attacks by succubi…

* An Orthodox Reverse R*pe Battle F*ck RPG!
Over 40 enemy characters, over 40 total CGs!
Succubi with quite big boobs approach the protagonist
having desires to seduce him in a variety of ways!

* H scenes are loaded with every one of enemy characters.
* The game content contains plenty of comedy / parody expressions.
* Please confirm system compatibility via the trial version before purchasing.
* The save data can be transferred from the trial version to the retail version.

– Succumb or Cumquer! This Is The Battle F*ck!
Reciprocal pleasing attacks continue until one’s cumforce runs out!
Be quick to find the enemy’s weak spots, otherwise you will be……!?

* The “Lust Point” Prompts Further Teasing When Increased!
The “Lust Point” of yours increases by the succubus’ temptation attack.
The more your Lust Point is, the severer the sex battle is!

* The “Addiction System”, You will Get More Pleasure In Return Match!
As the pleasure of being defeated insistently remains in your memory,
you will take more pleasure in the return match than before.
Sometimes repeated defeat makes changes in H scene text…

All femdom situation!
Titjob, face between boobs, breastfeeding handjob, cowgirl sex etc.
About a half of all H scenes comes with big boobs fetishism.

(Request) (Game) Lover of Mirror Image -Main Edition-

(Game) Lover of Mirror Image -Main Edition-

Release: Dec/27/2016
Company: Ishigaki
Language: Japanese
Size: 408MB
* This game is a side scrolling action game where the main characters are twin incubus / succubus by the names of Tohno and Ano.
There are 6 stages in total.

* When coming into contact with enemy characters,
an erotic scene begins and the pleasure gauge increases.
When the pleasure gauge fills up,
the main character will cum and HP will be lost.
HP can be recovered by having twincest sex
or by gathering certain items.

* There are 25 types of enemies and 40 different scenes of erotic animation.
(This number does not include facial variations.)
5 of those animations are event style scenes with scenario text.

* Erotic Oneshota (older sister type x young boy) is the main content.
There are 2 types of futanari (dick girl) animations but not with the boy.
You can also turn of futanari via the options if you would like.

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