(VN) SHOTAxMONSTERS L2D vol.2 ver.1.01 (English)

[VN] SHOTAxMONSTERS L2D vol.2 ver.1.01 (English)

*What kind of game is it?
– A spin-off game based on the doujin RPG “SHOTAxMONSTERS.”
– Enjoy going on dates with the characters that appear in “SHOTAxMONSTERS.”
– The dialogues and H scenes run smoothly on Live2D.

– Vol.2 includes the Watt, Craith, Red Dragon scenes.
– You can enjoy dates with Watt and Craith, as well as the Pleasure Battle with Red Dragon.

– An on-board terminology dictionary with graphics is included to allow first-time players of “SHOTAxMONSTERS” to enjoy the worldview of the game.

Release: Sep/02/2019
Company/Circle: Satoh Katoh
Language: English, Japanese, Chinese
Size: 224,0MB
Thanks to johan01 for sharing

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