(Game) The Hypnotic Life of a Hero!

(Game) The Hypnotic Life of a Hero!

One day, the protagonist, Takashi, is suddenly reincarnated in the world of his favorite fantasy harem novel as an evil version of the protagonist.
He fights off the good persona with a quick wit, but because the original Takashi had most of the power, including ownership of the [holy sword], he’s weakened tremendously!

…An attack by the Demon King’s minions is coming in 10 days.

The only hope is the newly sprouted power of [Hypnosis].
In order to avoid the impending death flag, Takashi’s struggle begins…!
…And while he’s at it, he also does a lot of naughty things to his favorite heroines…!

Release: Nov/22/2021
Company/Circle: Human Extinction District
Language: Japanese
Size: 750,6MB

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