(Game) The Giant’s Treasure v1.61

(Game) The Giant’s Treasure v1.61

Secret Treasure of Giants is a semi-open world RPG adventure game
・You can operate 20 different magical girls in the “post-apocalyptic” Japanese city.
・Fewer characters to control at the beginning, but as your character grows, you can collect more companions as you reach more areas
Each magical girl has unique combat skills, with seven overall skills: earth, water, fire, wind, light, and darkness.

・The H form of this work adopts the way of active humiliation, the player can “reasonably” use the machine in the process of evolution of magical girls to their conditioning.
・All the molestation acts are made with high-precision animation, so please be assured of the quality. And 17 female characters can be humiliated and trained!

Release: Jan/17/2023
Company/Circle: Monster-ken
Language: Japanese
Size: 2,17GB

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