(Game) Thanatos (English)

(Game) Thanatos (English)

— I have turned into a monster —

Nowadays, players can upload their consciousness to a game’s server to directly experience the its world.
One day, while I was playing the game like always, I encountered a mysterious bug that turned me into a monster.
I couldn’t log out, I couldn’t use the chat. I became nothing more than a lone being who wanders this world.
But… I now had the power to destroy the rules of this world.

I’m going to take revenge on the people who used to make fun of me.
I’m going to take revenge on all the females players…

…With the power of Karma!

Regarding the “NTR” tag (no spoilers):
I put the tag in the list to make sure I literally listed everything, but the NTR content in this game is, first of all, not the main focus. It’s also completely optional, and you need to actively seek out for it. AND, it’s basically non-canon, since even you do happen to view the NTR scenes, they won’t reflect any change in the story. If you despise NTR with every fibre of your being, go ahead and play the game without worrying about it, since here it only serves as “bonus content” and nothing more.

Release: 2021-06-05
Company/Circle: Triangle
Language: English
Translator: TheDarkSky
Size: 4,61GB

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