(Game) Super Fast No.1 Kuroyuri Tsubaki no Petal

(Game) Super Fast No.1 Kuroyuri Tsubaki no Petal

My name is Shotaro Hachiya.
I’m an ordinary student who goes school.

Recently, I’ve been looking forward to watching Yurika Kazetsuki, the vice president of the student council, swing her breasts.
One day, while chasing after Yurika, I find myself in a battle between a cosplay girl and a monster.
“I certify you as a resonator.”
“You are now the super fast Kuroyuri.”
“You must kill Alien, who is planning to invade the earth.”

The real identity of the cosplay girl is Yurika Kazatsuki, that’s who.

I’m going to fight with her against Alien, an entity from outer space…

Release: Sep/21/2021
Company/Circle: Beel ze bub
Language: Japanese
Size: 1,46GB

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