(Game) Succumate v1.02 (English)

(Game) Succumate v1.02 (English)

It’s just another boring summer day. You’re dying for a little excitement in your life, when you come home and find out that you’ve got an unexpected guest, a succubus by the name of Lilim. She informs you that she’s come from the demon world to collect human energy from semen, and she wants you to help her meet quotas until the end of the month. But there’s talk of strange deaths going around town. Single men living alone have been found emaciated in their apartments. Could Lilim be involved? Might you be in danger? You must perform your own investigation to find out these answers.

Release: 2020-11-21
Company/Circle: Dojin Otome
Language: English
Size: 800,0MB

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