(Game) Succubus Orb – Runaway Girl and Two Sluts v1.20

(Game) Succubus Orb – Runaway Girl and Two Sluts v1.20

One day, Misaki, a runaway girl, arrives in an unknown town.
She wanders deep into the forest, where she encounters a red whore, and unfortunately, she is cursed…
At the same time, the blue whore also falls into the trap of the red whore and falls into danger.

Misaki and the blue whore are both constrained by the red whore, even though they can temporarily fight off the red whore.
They are now on a mission to collect 8 orbs, the source of the whore’s magical power, which are scattered all over the town, on the condition that the curse is lifted.
They head for the town where people with runaway sexual desires roam…

Release: Oct/26/2022
Company/Circle: RANBALANCE
Language: Japanese
Size: 777,0MB

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