(Game) Sister Eua and the Erotic Trap Dungeon

(Game) Sister Eua and the Erotic Trap Dungeon

The protagonist, Eua, has quit her cramped life as a sister to lead a life of leisure.

One day, the priest finds out about it and sentences her to the guillotine, but Eua dismays him by uncovering a lost pair of the sisters’ used underwear from the priest’s shelf.

Eua rummages through the shelves for other stolen underwear, but inadvertently pulls out a forbidden transfer device.
The two of them are sent to the “cursed dark forest” far away from the church.

Eua is confused, but

Eua was puzzled, but said, “If I can get back to the church before Father does, and expose the stolen pants to everyone, and get rid of him…
I can take the money I embezzled and live a comfortable life!

Release: Sep/25/2021
Company/Circle: Shturmovik
Language: Japanese
Size: 790,0MB

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