(Game) Sex life with a naughty girl

(Game) Sex life with a naughty girl

(Game) Sex life with a naughty girl hentaibedta.net Hentai Games
A schoolgirl whose father is the president of a major general contractor.
For some reason, she is offered the right to have sex with her at a black market auction.
Her club advisor, a middle-aged man, bids a large sum of money, 200 million yen.
She is forced to have a sex life while attending school in a dirty apartment where the middle-aged teacher lives.
She hides the fact from her boyfriend, a childhood friend, but has many sexual experiences and is developed.
Her young and sensitive body rejects her, but she seeks pleasure and becomes dependent on the physical relationship with a middle-aged man.
The scenario and ending change depending on the player’s choices.
Who will hold her, who will forgive her heart, and what will happen to Aoi at the end of her seed-fed sexual life?

Release: Sep/14/2021
Company/Circle: miroku
Language: Japanese
Size: 1,49GB

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