(Game) R*PER GAME 2

(Game) R*PER GAME 2

“The most popular TV programme since 2045 is R*PER GAME,
a survival reality show from Big Entertainment that commands 82.5% viewership.
During the highlights, viewership spikes to 97.4%.

This year marks the 18th season of R*PER GAME, and the game has changed.
The battleground: a shuttered high school where terrible things once happened to the students.
The Survivors: all girls, each assigned a certain class, sharing a fate.
As always, there’s the Queen.
Other girls are the Telephone, Timer, Car, Maid, Money… and Knight.
If the Knight can save the Queen, the Survivors win.

Meanwhile, there are Hunters out to get the Knight.
If any of these men catch her, they will r*pe her, and they win the game.

There are no other rules. Anything goes, including murder.
Survivors versus Hunters, how far will each side go to reach their goal?
The Knight is ready to save the day…
The Hunters have taken their positions…
Welcome, everyone, to R*PER GAME!”

Release: Jul/12/2015
Company/Circle: dark.ryona.x15
Language: Japanese
Size: 413,8MB

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