(Game) Ricochet -JK’s climax battle with an orc

(Game) Ricochet -JK’s climax battle with an orc

The main character, JK, is slow and useless in everything she does.
Her secret hobby is to secretly masturbate at school after school.
One day, however, she is caught masturbating in the boys’ bathroom.
Just when it seems that she is doomed, she is summoned to the land of the elves.

In order to save the elves from being attacked by the orcs, she must fight as their savior.
But the hero, Ricochet, who can’t even fight, can’t defeat the orcs with her strength..
Ricochet is getting raped, but it turns out that she can defeat the orcs by making them ejaculate.
Can Rikochet save the elven village with just one body and a weapon that only he has…?

Release: Oct/12/2021
Company/Circle: Yukikagero
Language: Japanese
Size: 257,0MB

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