(Game) Ria and Gem Journey v1.06

(Game) Ria and Gem Journey v1.06

Princess Ria, the second princess of the Kingdom of Jewelry, is fed up with her cramped life in the castle.
One day, Ria finds a reason to fly out of the castle, and she goes to …….

I’m off to —- for a trip of jewels!”

So, Ria sets off on her own, without a follower!
The goal is to find seven “pure magic gemstones”!
However, she is immediately tricked into working in a brothel. ……?

The inn is expensive! And you can’t recover all your money!
Items are also expensive! Usability is delicate!
Equipment is ridiculously expensive! You don’t have to buy it, you can just go to ……!
Is that ……? Where do I go to get the gemstones……? You can’t find that kind of information in one place!

If you don’t have money, get a part-time job! If part-time work is not enough, you can earn money with your body!
The dungeon is full of monsters! If you lose a battle, you will be …… impregnated and raped!

Release: Mar/01/2023
Company/Circle: Cafe Hifumi
Language: Japanese
Size: 1,07GB

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