(Game) Re:BF v2.0 (English)

(Game) Re:BF v2.0 (English)

he Galzorm continent is under threat by new monster peril…

Monsters with feminine bodies, but powers far superior to those of mere mortals.
The only method to subjugate these monster girls… expert sexual technique!

To cum or make cum, that is the question.
But beware, should you succummmmb to pleasure,
these creatures of lewdness will wring you dry… to your death.

Now, set off on your journey young man, and stand up erec… *ahem* for what is right!

Release: 2021/03/05
Company/Circle: Asgar kishidan
Language: English (MTL)
Translator: Hunterop6969, Gant
Size: 803,3MB

When you capture a girl and try to make some type of sexual interation in the house the game say something like “X file dont exist” and the girl disappear but dont worry just leave the house and everything become normal.
*in tutorial you will need to face a girl using clothes so take a least one skill that attack her mouth or breast (mouth is better).
*The last save slot is a autosave slot.
*In the slot 32 there my save with 11 hour in the game, and level max. Is not cleared because I missed some girl and still have quest to do.
*After completing the tutorial come back to where you did the tutorial because here a lot of other hints.
*Talk to the girl with “GUIDE” in the head to rename your character.

WARNING: This unofficial port/version is not released by the developer, download at your own risk.

No Reuploads For Zippy/Mirror

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