(Game) Please Come Home Hero! v1.11

(Game) Please Come Home Hero! v1.11

You are a virgin who has never had a girlfriend in your life.

You have been fired from your job due to the recent recession, you have no money and no one to rely on.

I was in this sea of trees …… alone and quiet …….”

Then I heard the voice of a pretty girl.

You saved her from being forced by men.
She was a pixie, a peaceful and cheerful(?) girl who dreamed of a world of demons. She was a girl who dreamed of a world of demons.

By chance, you are recognized as the Demon King, and under her guidance, you build the Demon King’s dungeon.

You are the new Demon King.
You must survive the invasion of heroes who come every 7 days, add cute and sexy girls under your command, and restore the peaceful and bright world of demons!

Release: Mar/03/2023
Company/Circle: Triangle!
Language: Japanese
Size: 1,95GB

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