(Game) Parallel Sword ~I Look Just Like the Hero, So…~

(Game) Parallel Sword ~I Look Just Like the Hero, So…~

Alyse, a girl who lives in a small church.

She was raised with a kind heart as a sister, learning the teachings of serving God.
Surrounded by abandoned children and orphans in the same situation as herself, she lived a peaceful life.
However, life in the church was poor, and Alise, who was struggling with financial difficulties, finally decided to
She decides to sell her body in the main city.

An emissary of the demon tribe comes to her.

Alise visits the king of demons, but she is skeptical.
“I want you to spread her notoriety by pretending to be a heroic woman who looks just like you…

Release: Nov/20/2020
Company/Circle: karaage-tomato
Language: Japanese
Size: 844,0MB

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