(Game) NejicomiSimulator Vol.2 (English) (PC/Android)

(Game) NejicomiSimulator Vol.2 (English) (PC/Android)

The loli girl reacts in real time!
If the price seems too high, give the demo a try…!

Test the limits of the vagina’s elasticity… it’s all fantasy, but it’s played for realism!
Ball gags, eye masks, piercings, anal beads and dildos, clit expansion, and all sorts of other
customizable parts can help you make your own fantasies come true.

Also includes lactation, onahole transformation, shrinking, petrification, and more!

With your mouse, you can do plenty of things, too.
Kick her right in the pussy!
Jam a dildo in there!
Mess with the vibration strength!
Yank those tits and her clit!
Force her to watch!
Shove some beads! In that butt!
Pull her tongue!
Piss on her!

There’s just… so much you can do… and we think you get the idea!
She’s all yours…

Release: Dec/01/2020
Company/Circle: yabukaradoo
Language: English
Version: 1.01
Size: 153,2MB

No Reuploads For Zippy/Mirror

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