(Game) Naughty Rental Warehouse (PC/Android)

(Game) Naughty Rental Warehouse (PC/Android)

A rental warehouse on the outskirts of town is your secret hideout.
You want to become a female slave someday, and you spend your days fantasizing about sex.

At that time, you pick up a suspicious cheap cat suit on a flea market app.
You don’t even know that it’s a trap set by a slaver.
Wearing a rubber suit, you go crazy with aphrodisiacs and bondage.

Then, a girl named “Nagi” appears who has a crush on you.
Nagi is worried about you…

Will you live a happy and lewd life with her?
Or will you bring her into your life and fall into the darkness of your carnal desires?

It all depends on your choice.
Whether you’re a masochist or a sadist, this is the one for you.

Release: Oct/22/2021
Company/Circle: YaseumaLo-RU
Language: Japanese
Size: 1,19GB

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