(Game) Nako’s Magic and the Monster of Pure Desire v1.02 + Append (English)

(Game) Nako’s Magic and the Monster of Pure Desire (English)

Amane Nako is a ditzy schoolgirl who lives in the town of Mercuria along with her best friend Nanami Azusa as well as her brother, Nanami Tsukasa.
One day, a contract with her stuffed animal, Shiro, leads her to become a magical girl, someone who purifies an evil force known as Malice, which corrupts people’s desires.
Along with Azusa, she must stand up to the secret organization of Faust, which plans to take over the world to achieve true peace and equality through their own means.
With the power of Ripia, they will save the world from falling into evil’s hands!​

Release: v.1.02 2017-12-31 | Append 2018-01-01
Company/Circle: Daijyobi Laboratory
Language: English
Translator: Franticdispo
Size: 1,1GB

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