(Game) My wife and I live on a deserted island

(Game) My wife and I live on a deserted island

The husband, Ryo Kishida, and his wife, Yuka, are traveling by ferry to return home.
Suddenly, misfortune strikes the couple, who have been building a happy home.
The Kishida family and their entourage are caught in a ferry accident and end up on a deserted island.
They are forced to live on the island in order to survive.
They plan to escape from the deserted island while protecting the injured and the passengers who cannot survive alone.

On the other hand, the passengers, who are not very good at being women on the island, have also washed up on the island. They take advantage of the lawlessness of the island and try to get close to Yuka in any way they can.
Will Yuka be able to protect her family and escape?

Release: Jan/10/2022
Company/Circle: odenslime
Language: Japanese
Size: 593,0MB

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