(Game) Maniac Live Streaming – Yusa

(Game) Maniac Live Streaming – Yusa

There is a site that can satisfy any kind of maniacal sexuality.
The site offers a large number of videos of play every day.
The content includes not only basic play, but also maniacal stuff such as SM, scatology, mushikomi, and ryona.
The great thing about this site is that if you are selected, you can play with the distributor yourself.
Of course, the competition is high for the most popular broadcasters, but if you aim for the less popular ones, it’s not hard to win.
If you are selected, you will be able to play maniacally with the distributor, Yusa.

You control the protagonist to advance the story.
It’s a simple scenario with no choices and a straight path.

Reminiscence Mode
You can view the event scenes you’ve seen once through the computer in the room after clearing the game.

Release: Nov/17/2020
Company/Circle: Teruka Lab
Language: Japanese
Size: 130,0MB
Addtional Tags: Scatology

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