(Game) Kokuhaku Game

(Game) Kokuhaku Game

The game is completed by spending four days in the game and confessing to Shiori, the girl you have feelings for.

During that time, however, you must endure temptations from girls who take advantage of the “confession game.
Maintain the protagonist’s purity as he faces the final day.

What is the “Confession Game”?
It is a game in which the player who confesses to the main character and receives an OK is declared the winner.

(1) Pure love value
This is a gauge of the feelings toward Shiori.
It decreases as you are seduced by the other girls.
When it reaches zero, the game is over (bad end).

(2) Vitality
Consumed when you take certain actions.
It is fully restored when the day is over.

(3) Choices
Determines the main character’s actions.
Depending on the choices you make, the net love value may decrease.

Release: Nov/23/2022
Company/Circle: Hall of Corruption
Language: Japanese
Size: 586,5MB

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