(Game) Jail on the saddle (English)

(Game) Jail on the saddle (English)

Akira Hinata is a sports girl who usually engages in club activities with a bright smile.
Recently, however, she has been wearing a difficult expression on her face.

Her parents’ restaurant is being targeted by a landlord, and she is being harassed with threats.
Akira, fearing for his family’s safety, defies the landlords without regard for his own safety.
As a result of direct talks with the landlord, Akira wins a duel with the bouncer, and the landlord agrees to let her go.

The condition was finally met.
Akira finally agrees to the condition, but
She has no experience in fighting or martial arts.

But she has no experience in fighting or martial arts. “What should I do? …… If I don’t do this, I might get hurt badly instead of protecting my house. ……”

A direct mail arrived to her worried mind.
“A fitness gym run by a former mixed martial arts champion is looking for members.
Akira rushes to the gym, delighted by the timely event.
“Coach! Please teach me martial arts!
Akira asked with innocent eyes, and the coach pondered for a while and then said, ……

“Okay. I’ll give you a special training.
It’s going to be a hard workout, but …… since you volunteered, you can do it, right?”


Akira Hinata (voice actress: Kanoka Hoshimi)

Height 158, 48kg, Three sizes 85-59-88

Member of the track and field club. She is a member of the track and field club, and has excellent athletic skills, winning the prefectural championship in short distance running.
At first glance, she appears to be a serious person, but she is also a bit of an idiot.
He often loses sight of his surroundings when he gets carried away.
She is kind-hearted and straightforward, but she is the type of person who loses out because of it.

Her sexual knowledge comes from the Internet, and she has no experience.
However, her body is very sensitive.
She has a body that can be easily developed without understanding what her coach is doing to her, letting her pleasure flow, or letting her pain turn into pleasure.

Basically, she is a girl of her own pace, but she seems to be having some troubles right now. ……

Release: Oct/16/2021
Company/Circle: Shimizuan
Language: English (MTL)
Size: 121,7MB

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