(Game) Goblin’s den – I’ll borne

(Game) Goblin’s den – I’ll borne

What do you know about goblins?

Goblins are small monsters that love mischief and vice, and are easily eliminated or destroyed when they wander into human habitats.
Sometimes they are used as targets to test the skills and achievements of novice adventurers.
Because they’re goblins.

They also inhabit this continent.

This land is made up of many nations and races.
The various communities coexist, making peace agreements with each other, and are connected by trade.
This soil of peace is nurturing many attractive female heroines in a relaxed and energetic manner…


Plundering. Reproducing. To breed.

The survival strategy of the weakest monsters, who dream of prosperity with only that as their guideline, has begun to take shape.
What kind of impact will they have on this continent? …… No one knows the answer yet.

In fact, the world of goblins is very close to people’s lives.
Why don’t you take a peek with us at ……?

Release: Jul/20/2021
Company/Circle: peperoncino
Language: Japanese
Size: 5,41GB

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