(Game) Fresh Masturbatorium Factory Eradication Team

(Game) Fresh Masturbatorium Factory Eradication Team


In the year 20XX, an illegal organization, the Masturbatorium Factory, was born without people knowing.

A masturbation factory was born, where women are kidnapped, confined, and used as masturbators.
The number of masturbation factories that are convenient for men is increasing day by day in spite of the crime.
Countless masturbation factories have sprung up in spite of the crime.
In order to exterminate them, a women-only fighting organization called (OLS Organization) was born.
Victims of masturbatorium factories and man-haters gather together and run the organization to exterminate the factories.
The main character (Rei Kurusugawa) has a special constitution and tremendous power, and as a TYPE1 masturbation warrior, she infiltrates the masturbation factories to exterminate and rescue the female victims.

Release: Aug/31/2023
Company/Circle: Chaoism
Language: Japanese
Size: 932,7MB

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