(Game) Dark Seed v1.02

(Game) Dark Seed v1.02

A fledgling adventurer boy, Lune had two important women in his life
Ticia, the swordsman
Saraphil, a mage.
Both are veteran adventurers, and both are the older sisters whom the boy admires.

They gently taught the boy swordsmanship and magic, and also helped him grow as an adventurer.
They also support the boy’s growth as an adventurer, showing their affection for him. ……

The boy and his kind sisters set out on a quest of great difficulty.

But they had no way of knowing their fate!
They did not know that the high difficulty quest was not suitable for their stature. ……

Release: Mar/09/2023
Company/Circle: NJA! Recycle Shop
Language: Japanese
Size: 495,8MB

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