(Game) Chevalier Historie v1.09

(Game) Chevalier Historie v1.09

(Game) Chevalier Historie v1.09 hentaibedta.net image hosted at ImgTaxi.com

You play as earnest lady knight Jeanne.
Together with the spirits, it’s your mission to save the captured Princess Lily in one tough adventure! Lily and Jeanne’s fates are in your hands…

There’s also a “Feud” system that comes into play when speaking to people around the city. With just the confirmation button and the + key, you can have not just normal conversations, but also negotiate with and invite people you meet! There are all sorts of ways to interact with NPCs.

– Multiple endings (Seven different conclusions!) Depending on your level, finances, and items after two weeks, the ending changes!

– 102 CGs! And 88 of those are HCGs…!
There are 38 whole H scenes for you to enjoy, plus 25 erotic pose arts and 25 cut-in animations! Also plenty of pixel art mini-H scenes.
– Requires Windows, game pad compatible.
– Resolution: 1280×720
– 6 stages! (4 types + last dungeon + extra)
– Clear with your virginity intact for a different ending! H scenes will be in the gallery even if you win.
– Clothing damage!
– Gallery mode with hints!
– Text options: Scene skip, backlog, auto mode, window closing, etc!
– Main character is partially voiced, still scenes are fully voiced!

– Involve yourself in some sketchy dealings to get your drug hookup!
– Encounter some old guys at a hot spring!
– Mate with a massively-meated minotaur!
– Get drunk with the information broker and pay the fee!
– Handjobs and titjobs after battling a werewolf!
– Runaway with a no-good flirt!
– Get defeated and gang-raped by monsters!
– Get turned into a doll by a mage’s experiments!
– Fall into depravity thanks to an ancient knight’s curse!
– Work as a dancer at a bar!
– Get a thorough pat-down at a checkpoint!
– Dress as a nun and help out at the confessional!
– Get stuck in a wall in the slums!
– Sleep sex at a strange inn!
– Be nice and take a timid soldier’s virginity!
– Hire male prostitutes!
– Blackmail the lord of the castle!
– Fuck the blacksmith behind his wife’s back.
– Get tentacle raped by a fake Lily!
and more!

Release: Aug/16/2021
Company/Circle: PICOPICOSOFT
Language: Japanese
Size: 3,41GB

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