(Game) Catina Patissier (English)

(Game) Catina Patissier (English)

Catina, whose father was a patissier and who grew up watching her father make confectionery from a young age,
one day decided that she wanted to be a patissier herself.

Day after day, with no time to sleep, Catina worked hard to learn how to make confectionery and become a patissier…
However, one day, when she was on her way to vocational school, she was run over by a car and was killed.

In the world after her death, Catina was told of this fact by the goddess, and started to sob
The goddess had mercy on her, and as a special favor, allowed her to be reincarnated in another world.

Release: 2021-01-16
Company/Circle: Tistrya
Language: English
Size: 398,0MB

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