(Game) BINARY STAR – Gun Handler’s Survival v1.2 (English)

(Game) BINARY STAR – Gun Handler’s Survival v1.2 (English)

This is a TPS where you control Momone, a succubus, and explore a city where hostile robots roam with Ehab, a boy. Explore the city and find guns, ammo, and food to survive!
As a succubus, Momone has the ability to gain more energy from human life force than normal food. By getting the genie from the boy, you can use your limited resources more efficiently while fulfilling your true role as a succubus.


The city is uninhabited, but there are still supplies left. Explore the city and find guns, ammunition, and food to gather the strength to fight the robots and the food to survive.
In addition, there are tablets that have been dropped in the city, which you can collect to view from the archive. Some of them may even have hints for escape…?

Release: Jul/06/2021
Company/Circle: Mimosa
Language: English (MTL)
Size: 698,3MB

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