(Game) Aune’s Erotic Trap Dungeon v2

(Game) Aune’s Erotic Trap Dungeon v2


Aune-chan, a novice cat ear adventurer, is inspired by a merchant to challenge a mysterious dungeon.
By the time she gets to the dungeon, she has run out of money on her way there or is unprepared, and she has no choice but to get rich! The only way to get rich is to hit the jackpot!

When we started our search, we found the merchant’s brother, who got mad and questioned us, but he gave us some items and offered us a base as an apology, and we started our adventure!

But then I got a few items and a base to start my adventure. ……

However, the dungeon was a trap set by the demon tribe. ……

Release: May/14/2023
Company/Circle: Demon merchants
Language: Japanese
Size: 227,0MB

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