(Game) Another world needs a bitch

(Game) Another world needs a bitch

Alternative title: I sekai wa bitchi o shomo suru

Synopsis :
When I woke up, I found myself in a strange space.
I was expecting to be summoned back to the other world that I heard about.
I was told by the goddess who appeared that I was neither a hero nor a saint, but only a …
But because of the jealousy of the goddess, I was told that I would have to deal with the sexual desires of monsters and conceive eggs in a world without females.
I was forced to participate in a tour of the other world where there are no females, to treat the sexual desires of monsters and impregnate their eggs

Release: 2018-06-01
Company/Circle: Yatsufusa no Kobeya (Nokobeya)
Language: Japanese
Size: 183,8MB

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