(Game) After that, no one saw the hero v1.07

(Game) After that, no one saw the hero v1.07


After that, no one saw the hero [poison].
Immediately after overthrowing the Demon King, the brave Aster is transformed into a girl by an unknown magic.
Aster loses her heroic power because she became a girl,
However, she finds that such a thing is useless in a world that is beginning to recover peacefully.

Aster starts a new job and enjoys her second life to the fullest.
However, she is also faced with a new problem.
However, “real demons,” which were created by the Demon King and were supposed to have disappeared when the Demon King disappeared, have been sighted in various places. ……

This is just the beginning of an epic story that transcends time and shakes the fate of the planet.

Release: May/19/2023
Company/Circle: poison
Language: Japanese
Size: 3,72GB

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