(Game) Touch Anywhere! Princess☆Touch v1.10

(Game) Touch Anywhere! Princess☆Touch v1.10

The main character transfers to a girl’s school as an insurance doctor.
He is a male insurance doctor at an all-girls school, so no one comes to the second infirmary.
Three girls who are good friends gather in the second infirmary.

One day, in the second library next to the infirmary, the girls
They find a book sealed with a lewd demon.
The book is then unsealed, and the girls are cursed by the whore “Kaja.
The girls are cursed. However, this whore is a bastard of a character.
The hero hijacks the position of the whore and
and the main character decides to cooperate with the girls to touch them and accumulate ecstasy!

Release: Apr/09/2024
Company/Circle: hopuhopu team
Language: Japanese
Size: 742,6MB

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